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Stephen Coty Sockalosky

Marine Corps /

Stephen Coty Sockalosky

Cpl. Coty Sockalosky was born on Febuary 12,1989. Coty joined the Marine Corps right out of high school in June 2007. He was assigned to 2/9 Golf Company as a machine gunner. He was deployed to Iraq from September 2008 until April 2009. My brother left for his second deployment to Afghanistan in July 2010. On October 3,2010 my brother stepped on an IED while on patrol in Helmand Province. He passed away three days later from injuries in Germany. Even though my brother was younger than most of his fellow marines, they all looked up to the way he was. He was a leader and an outstanding marine and he greatly loved and missed.

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Stephen Coty Sockalosky

Marine Corps

in Cordele, Georgia

Your Hero / Marjah, Afghanistan

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